Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Korean Pyromaniac nationality

I found some Korean users who has a pyromaniac characteristic as their national behavior. They all are shown available on Twitter. They are the nation which make up the fake fact of the comfort women managed by the Japanese military during the WWII. They are also the nation who always attempt to steal the Japanese properties and pretend to be a friend of Japan in front of other nations. This fact should be known to more people to recognize that the Japan is surrounded by the barbarians.

北守, An anti-Japanese propagandist

yonezu tokuya, Korean student in Seoul studying Korean History  

黒い彗星che★ゲバルト, The second generation of Japanese-Korean with clear anti-Japanese mind and supporting Korean-fascism.
黒い彗星che★ゲバルト's blog

Update of the Pyromaniac

A firebug, a hateful zainichi, the Japanese-Korean, left a message on the twitter before his greedy conspiracy on burning out the Japaneses symbolic shrine, Yasukuni. Now a Japanese news website shows the newest update of this psycho-maniac's case.
A fire was caused at Yasukuni-shrine on Dec. 26, 2011. The news sources announced the fact that a firebug left a conspiracy message on his twitter. But the mystery of this case was not fully disclosed yet with many suspicious questions.

While the occasion, the chief of the public relation at Yasukuni-shrine, mentioned with his anger, "I have never seen this intentional criminal case here although I saw a possible fire related accidents around the trees in the shine before."

A Guy in Black Exposed in The Camera
A guard found a guy in black tried to put a fire on the shine's gate captured on the security camera at the early morning on Dec 26. He ran onto the spot and vanquished the fire as soon as he found while another guard called the police to report the case The quick cover-up for extinguishing prevented the major fire without any wound.
A guy in both black clothe and pants was captured on the camera. In addition, 2 containers for alcohol drink supposed to be used to spread the oil over the gate. The stain of the oils was also found. According the news announcement, the local police was investigating the crime scene related with the criminal caused by the foreigners with the message left on Twitter saying, "I'm going to burn out Yasukuni shrine [for the Korean,} before the case was caused.

Many internet users identified the criminal's handle name, AmaterasuJP. The account was already removed from Twitter but he left the message, "I'll burn out Yasukuni shrine and the Japanese will be sorry for [the Korean]. That shit place is the root of the Japanese's discrimination." Moreover, AmaterasuJP thought that he would be a Korean hero if he burnt out Yasukuni shrine although he needed to be sorry for the fire if he burnt up another Japanese temple, Kinkaku-ji. He also said, "They would never understand the Korean's pain."

However, another internet user tried to insist that the message was shown on Apr. 8, and he wondered the fact that AmaterasuJP was the real criminal for it. The chief of the public relation of Yasukuni, as he did not know when exactly the message was tweeted on the website, explained, "As long as I know the fact, we have not been cautious with criminals. We don't know who is the serial criminal." The police department have not got any further conspiracy message from the criminal so far at the evening on Dec. 27.

Who Is The Criminal, AmaterasuJP
His criminal conspiracy was not the first time. He caused another trouble with a Japanese politician caused on Mar. 9, 2011. He described himself as a female Korean-Japanese literature student at a private school. He called other people to help his conspiracy in order to put the politician, Masashi Nishida, out of his business by sending the illegal donation to him. Another Korean-Japanese made the same conspiracy on his twitter and this was exposed over the internet. At the time, this conspiracy and message board was flooded as soon as found, and then the Korean-Japanese explained that it was just a joke, but he was never be sorry for his criminal fact. 
The serial criminal was not found yet, or identified AmaterasuJP as the pyromaniac because the account on twitter was already removed by the user. But he made another account later. In this time he showed himself as a man on his profile and he rejected the criminal case of the fire at the shrine.

The secretary of Nishida, the victim of AmaterasuJP's conspiracy, told, "I heard the fact that the Korean planed to send a illegal donation to him, but we did not search for it. Our supporters warned us to be careful with it via e-mails, but we did not heard further notice since then."
The public relation department at the private school where AmaterasJP is attending denied her or him with his female Korean name as its student. The school staff seemed to be confused the criminal case, and said, "We have no idea what to do because he caused this with full of a criminal intention."

Personal opinion
I have many foreign friends at my hand, so I hate to say anything bad to foreigners, but all Japanese should recognize the fact that Japan has the hateful enemy who always think to destroy Japan in every way. They should not be foolishly innocent as they did for 50 years after WWII anymore. They should hold the arms against their enemy, such as the Korean and Chinese.

靖国神社放火犯はだれなのか 「予告ツイート」のナゾ深まる

Monday, December 26, 2011

Korean Attempts to burn out the Japanese Symbolic Shrine

As the Japanese sacred person had his birthday right before the Christ's birthday, Dec 23, Yasukuni-Shrine and Royal park in Japan would be crowed of people who celebrate for his birthday. The celebration for the sacred person can ease the Japanese's heart especially in this year because they had many impressive events in the year such as Earthquake, Tsunami, etc. Although the places such Yasukuni can ease the Japanese's heart, some anti-Japanese groups, mostly either the Korean or Chinese, attempted again to burn off the culturally holy place for their local nations for their egoistic prejudges.

According to the Japanese news source, TBS, a smoke and small fire found at the Yasukuni Shrine, placed at Chiyoda in Tokyo at an unidentified time on Dec 26. The local police found the personal conspiracy of the fire messaged on the internet. The police is searching any other details for an investigation.  According to the police department, a local guard of the shrine found the fire at the gate of the shrine at 4 a.m on the day. The fire was vanquished as soon as found by the guard, but the gate was already partly burned by the fire. Throughout the investigation at the criminal place, the oil was spread out over the gate. 2 cups which would be used to spray the oil over the gate were found at the same spot. The security camera captured a suspicious man in black clothes burnt the gate. The police has been searching this man. Moreover the police has been searching another case of the criminal conspiracy message left on the internet site, Twitter. The Korean in the Twitter said, "I will burn up the Yasukuni Shrine because the Japanese would never understand the Korean's pain."


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Korea Hate Other Countries.

Korea clearly hates its historically supportive country, Japan. Now some news pictures that I found via the Internet shows the fact that the hateful country hate many other countries than Japan.
As Korean hates all of their neighbor countries including Japan, Korea clearly hates China either.
The hateful country hates the U.S as well. The Korean trample on the American Flag to demonstrate anti-American activity in their country even if their government please them to settle the U.S military base for their national security against their mono-ethnic enemy, North Korea. But the Korean shows merely the hateful reaction against their ally's guardian forces.
The series of picture shows again how the Korean hates the U.S anyhow by burning the American flag or kicking the Bush doll.

韓国人が星条旗を踏みつける画像にアメ公ブチギレ 「ヘイGOOK、お前ら死んだぞ」

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Samsung's New Explosive Device

A website translated from Chinese introduces that Galaxy S2 was suddenly exploded during using it regularly. But I've never surprise with the article because I could fully expected it would be happened in any occasion.

As long as I know about Samsung;
  1. The company gain the profit by copying other countries products such as Sony, Apple, Sharp, etc.
  2. The company also gain the profit by having the negative campaign against its competitor, and committing dumping its products as a Korean national policy.
  3. Samsung's products are cheap because it has too many spy applications.
  4. Samsung's products are very explosive.
These are the reasons why I don't like to have any product related to Korea, because it is a cheap, low quality, and explosive spying device.

Galaxy S II が爆発

Monday, December 5, 2011

Apple, Samsung, and the Korean Californian Judge

Apple failed its claim of the protection against Samsung's copycatting manufactures in its country, U.S. The news was scandalous enough to get an attention from people who interested in the technology, patent, subsidiary manufacture, and so on unless the judge does not come from originally the U.S.

The judgmental system in California is now controlled by many of either the Korean or Chinese in order to serve the unfair treatment over the court even if their occupation is making a judgmental decision to the lawsuit. In this case, Lucy Koh, the Korean judge in Silicon Valley is typical of the unfair judge who often brings the unfair judge to non-Korean plaintiff who claimed against the Korean defendant.

In Router, "Koh added that Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents. However, Apple had not shown that it was likely to overcome Samsung's challenges to the patent's validity, Koh wrote." As I suspected before, the Korean cannot make a fair decision because of their lack of the fairness, and their cultural value as the psychopathic nation.

U.S. judge rejects Apple bid to halt Galaxy sales

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Korean Anti-Japanese Cults

Most Koreans as I recognized later clearly hate the all Japanese no matter what they refuse it if the other nations, including the Japanese, ask it to them. But sadly their anti-Japanese hate crime is a part of the Korean's culture, education, and identity.
Here is some example of the Korean's anti-Japanese perspectives throughout their cultural aspect.

高槻むくげの会, is a fake Japanese YMCA-related group operated by the Korean, イキョンジュ, born in 1950. He hate to gain the Japanese nationality because his personal desire to discriminate the Japanese although he stay long enough in Japan. In addition to his illegally staying in Japan, this Korean clearly mentioned that the Japanese cultural loyalty for the Japanese Emperor would be faded out if the Korean dominate Japan, such as illegal immigrants.

He also kept mentioning, "If I can live longer than 100 years, I really want to discriminate the Japanese forever as long as I can live in Japan."

This Korean insists himself that he is the Japanese if the police asks him for his nationality if he commits a crime scene. Now many people living in Japan did not know the fact that the Korean culturally hate the Japanese in order to swindle the Japanese for their fake compensation from the Japanese.

Here is another graphical example how the Koreans hate the Japanese. The Korean cult leader, Daisaku Ikeda, made a stone relief saying, "I hate the Japanese, and I would curse all of the Japanese for the Korean mom and dad." Now his cult group is one of the Japanese political party, Komei-Tou. Another Korean political group in Japan is the dominating group, Democratic Party of Japan. The Korean has already been intervening the Japanese politics.

In my opinion, I would like to have many international relationship with many other nations but I don't want to see any of the Korean in my sight because I saw the fact that they culturally hate the Japanese. The Korean government promote them to hate the Japanese more by demonstrating many untruthful facts such as the territorial issues and fake intellectual properties. I high suspect that the Korean is the cold-blood murderous illegal aliens to invade the foreign countries including Japan.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Korean Post Sex Slave Arrested For Swindle

A Korean arrested woman who had caused the international problem between Japan and Korea during 1990's to 2000's, which is the issue of the sex worker lead by the Japanese during the WWII for a swindle. A Japanese Christian professor at a local university, Tutomu Nishioka, introduced about the background of the swindle case in his book, "Farewell the Korean delusional issue." The mainstream media has often hidden it away from the public in Japan.

The Korean woman suited Japan for their possible enforcement of labor and sex works. But Mr. Nishioka exposed their lies of the whole facts that she made for her personal demand. He also pointed out that the Korean Police Department decided to capture her based on the international agreement of the postwar compensation between Japan and Korea. In the agreement, Korea decided to pay the compensation to its nation if the fact was true. Therefore, he concluded that the issue was already done when both countries agreed it when Korean Police Department captured her for the swindle. He added on his opinion, "the truth has to be in common sense."

The Police Department in Korean capital announced that it captured a group for a swindle for illegally collection of 120,000,000 yen from the Koreans. The group owned by 梁順任 insisted that they would use the money for their legal performance such as a conference with a local lawyer in order to gain the money from the Korean government which is supposed to receive the postwar compensation from Japan. The Police Department captured 39 members of the group for the swindle. The number of the victim would be 30,000. The group was well known anti-Japanese in Korea. One of the arrest was also well known as an anti-Japanese activist in both Japan and Korea. The anti-Japanese action would be slowed down throughout the closure of the case.

According to the Police Department, the group recruit a new members by organizing many anti-Japanese groups. And then the group delusionally mentioned that all Korean who survived in the WWII should get the compensation from Japan or the Korean government. In addition the group kept the anti-Japanese performance against Japanese government in order to satisfy their personal gain such as the money

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Risky Korean Noodle, Shin Ramen

I used to eat many instant noodle when I was in the U.S as a student because it's cheap. But I would never want the Korean noodle, Shin Ramen, as soon as I found the article about it. Some news sources announced the risk of the cancer by eating the Korean noodle. It was sad because I took them when I did not know it well and when I considered it as just a ramen noodle like other instant noodles.

According to the Malaysian news website,, Health Minister of Malaysia , Datuk Seri Liow Tiong La, warned all Malaysian to avoid eating the Korean noodle, Shin Ramen, for the risk of the cancer-causing additives in the products. The minister also added some Taiwanese foods on the lists of risky foods. The Malaysian government also suspects that the contaminated foods were imported from its production company, Korea. Here is the direct quotation of the news:

 [Shin Ramen] was having excessive amounts of the cancer-causing plastic addictives di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and di-isononyl phthalate (DINP).

The government decided to investigate why the Malaysian market allowed the product to be sold on the market place. The news also announced that if Shin Ramen was toxic enough for the nations, it would be expelled from the local market. (Yee, The Star) announces it in a different approach that although No-shin, a company producing the Korean well-known noodle product, Shin Ramen, produced its premium product, the company informed fake ingredient and nutritional facts on its new product. Now The Japanese Fair Trade Commission attempted to investigate the product. The new raman-noodle, Shin Ramen black, with the fake list of nutritional facts insisted that it has Seolleongtang, the powdered cow soup, as the main ingredient of the soup, and that the product was nutritionally well-balanced. The price of the product was twice more expensive than its original product, sometimes the price was three times higher than it. However, the investigation exposed the fake trick on the product. It has only 4% of Seolleongtang in the powdered soup, but it has 3 times more of the fat than that of its product's list. The Fair Trade Commission ordered the company to pay 1,115,000 yen of the extra-surcharge for its fake information of the product.

At last I added a Youtube video clip of the government's announcement of the product.

Be aware to eat the healthy foods. Don't take any toxic food such as Shin Ramen unless you want to get the cancer.

「辛ラーメン」に待った! 韓国当局、誇大広告で是正
Yee Ng Cheng, Korean noodles ‘Shin Ramen’ recalled for tests: Health Minister

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Was He Really Criminal? Partly, But Not Really.

A local news showed that a local veterinary was captured for his illegal deal of squirts with his friend and some other people. The news itself was a merely local news so it's completely ignorable. But some anti-Japanese group would be happy to know it because the suspect was the person who encourage many Japanese patriots throughout posting videos at I would like to translate this news in order to explain how the Korean, pro-Korean, pro-Chinese group, including some mainstream media supporting anti-Japanese such as Mainichi, Asahi, want to disrespect the Japanese patriots. I also want to introduce some guys who continuously insults him in many way as he posted a video on his website.

The Difference Between News Announcements

First of all, according to the news website,, the Japanese cyber police arrested 2 people for their illegal deal on medical product over the internet, Noriiyuki Nishida, a 56 years old pet breeder living in Mie, and Ryouji Kutsuzawa, a 44 years old veterinary living in Fukushima. According to the police, the veterinarian sent and sold around 2,000 cylinders at 300 yen per cylinder to the breeder, which was originally 23 yen per cylinder among the medical market. The police also suspect that the cylinders would be used for the drug usage.
The police mentioned that both suspects did for their alimony, the support of life. Nishida had deals of 30 cylinders with the veterinarian in June and September and he also sold them to other men, living in Chiba, at the total of 9,600 yen. The local police found the drug when they captured men in Chiba, and then it decided to capture the two men for the illegal deals of the medical products. The police also mentioned that 2 men, Nishida and Kutuzawa, met each other 8 years ago via the internet but they have never seen each other.
In the news, was the better mainstream media than any other ones. It also announced the facts without any prejudge and false information in the news.

Here is another website,, announced the same case but used a different approach.

A veterinarian illegally resold 840 medical cylinder, 57,000 yen in total, to the pet breeder via the internet. The police suspected that Ryouji Kutsuzawa, a 44 years old veterinarian, made an illegal medical resale of 840 cylinders for 57,000 yen without any permission of his local government, with the 56 years old breeder, Noriyuki Nishida. According to the local police, Kutsuzawa, the veterinarian, bought the cylinders for the veterinary purpose at first, but he accepted Nishida's offer to resale them to other people. 2,000 cylinders were sold in the May, some of them are used for drug usage. Kutsuzawa accepted the illegality and said, "I had a deeply personal connection with Nishida for long, and I made it for my personal gain."

 Throughout the news announcement, with the simple facts tells that the veterinarian had an anonymous connection with the breeder but not personal connection with him. Compared with the news resource with the simple facts, the other one tells that the veterinarian had a deep personal connection with him.

The Heartless Reactions Made By Anti-Japanese Against Him Vs. His Supporters

Many users in multiple websites such as twitter, nicovideo, and 2ch flooded with the topic. Some users, especially anit-Japanese, the Korean, pro-Korean, and pro-Chinese groups shows thew heartlessly harsh comment into him as soon as the news was announced. For example, a fake right wing user on nicovideo, My日本, originally either the Korean or pro-Korean, uploaded the news illegally when the news was shown on the TV. In fact uploading the piece of the TV show is well known as a illegal performance over the internet. Plus he used other group's name in order to entrap the real patriot group, My日本.jp. Many anti-Japanese, mainly the Korean and Chinese, can be seen over the websites. Some people who worked with the veterinarian for their patriotic reason still want to support him after his arrest. They declared their willing support for him on their own uploaded video. He also had his personal enemy during his patriotic actions, Shinya Miike, 三池神也, some user probably believes that Shinya entraped him into being arrested by using his personal connections like his previous stalking on Kutsuzawa. On either way, the police investigation will be clear with the case.

Personal Opinion

I have to accept Kutsuzawa made a mistake for his careless deal with the breeder as a veterinarian, but I don't think he did it intentionally for the drug dealing with him. Yep, he was careless with the case but he was not really the criminal even if he might have helped the criminal action for the guy making it. He was careless either to have a medical deal with a guy never met in person. He needs to explain what he has done for it and I also wish he should never give up what he had in his own soul for his country.

Detox Japan.

業務用注射器をネットで転売 獣医師の男ら逮捕
ネットで注射器を無許可販売容疑 ブリーダーと獣医師を逮捕 警視庁

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Korea Bashes Greece

The Korean President mentioned in France where he attended for G20 conference, "Korea wants to support a country with economic sustainability or one which dynamically changed by its own." He also continued, "I'm expecting that even if we support the country which has not done for any preparation for an economic risk, the country would cause another problem that would effect other countries."

Korea is the country which was suffered with the economic corruption in 1997 but it avoided from the economic corruption for 2 years after the risk. During the economic corruption, the country lost 23,000 companies, caused 200,000 unemployment, and then the company called IMF for the financial help with multiple regulations in order to avoid the economic corruption. But now the President of the country bashed another country which has been facing on the economic corruption.

The President of Korea said, "I was totally surprised at the Prime Minister of Greece had done the national ballot without any further notice with other EU countries." He also pointed out that, "Greece which was the main country caused the global economic crisis made a critical mistake by deciding selfishly."

After his comment, the President of Korea added his comment, "Although my comment was strong against Greece, but I said it because other leaders would think it in the same way." He also added he felt the same comment from other leaders at the conference.

Greece already prepared to be ready to the IMF's intervention and the local safety-net in order to accept the avoid the economic crisis. Especially, the EU countries decided to raise 1 billion euros of European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) in order to maintain the financial stability of EU. However, the leaders at G20 exposed to the media that no country agreed with the IMF's rescuing plan for EU, or supported for EFSF on the day.

韓国 「ギリシャは、我々が支援する価値のない国だ」
Note: I usually used the news website or academic resource to use the resource on my article. In this particular article, I used another personal blog because the original news source, the Korean news website translated in Japanese, immediately jumped into other blank website as soon as I went to the website. But the personal blog user kept the original article. I decided to use it as the source although it is not an academic way.

Awaken From The Sleeping Sheep

Many Japanese living in all over Japan had a demonstration against the Japanese Democratic Party, JDP, and 2 particular anti-Japanese countries, particularly China and Korea today, Nov 6, 2011. Approximately 500 people attended at the demonstration like the last time having in the last Oct. They raised their voice for protecting their properties and job opportunities, defending themselves from anti-Japanese nationalism such as the Korean and Chinese, and showing their dignities for their own country. The demonstration was as impressive as another one, "Occupy Cities in U.S," but the Japanese mainstream media, like Fuji-TV, Asahi-, Mainichi-, and Yomiuri-newspapers, would not journal the incidence because they want to hide it away from the facts in Japan.

Here is the picture of the last demonstration. People were not only yelling at Korean and Chinese, but they also wore funny costumes for the Halloween event in Oct. This is good and funny because the Japanese showed their dignity for their country by having the Japanese flags but they also accepted the western culture by wearing the Halloween costumes. Although, unfortunately, they refuse TPP as the unfair international economic trade brought by the U.S because they hope to have more job opportunities in Japan, they felt thankful with the U.S military for the operation, "Tomodachi." In their opinion, the Japanese are welcome with the fair and healthy relationship with the U.S but they refuse any unfair trade brought by a foreign country, including the U.S. They want be just fair with their friendships.

And I brought the design at the demonstration today.  I could not upload any other picture of the demonstration cause today as I forgot to take any of it even if I walked with them. However other person upload the live video of the demonstration with their computer. They actually walked with the computer and took some video clips while walking around. I was enough to shy to be shown on the computer videotaping the demonstration but if any of people could notice my design below on the video, I would be glad to know it.

Detox Japan.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I decided to make a new blog for some reason.

I have some personal blogs so I could write what I want to show about me on that blog but I wanted to separate my opinions because I want to be clear with what I'm writing on blogs. So I decided to make a new blog, called DJ♡ASH, standing for Detox Japan Ash, a personal blog showing the alternate ideas and news sources that the Japanese mainstream media always hides away from the majorities of the Japanese. Some of the news source that I will upload would be anti-Korea or anti-China but I need to show them in order to tell the reader to understand the mainstream media in Japan and some political parties in Japan are merely puppets for them. Therefore I believe that I'm helping the visitors of my blog to understand the hidden situations in Japan. And I of cause wish them to have fun with my blog.